If Solomon were alive today he might edit Ecclesiastes 12:12 to read, “my son, beware of anything beyond these.  Of the making of many blogs there is no end.”  A few years ago the question was, “Why should I blog?”  The question now is, “Why shouldn’t I blog?”  That subtle shift has taught the blogging community a number of things, the chief of which is: there are well written, profitable blogs and then there are just blogs.

We, as authors, realize this.  We wanted our first post to be a brief explanation of how and why Vintage73 came about.

There were no committees called.  We didn’t form clandestine caucuses of religio-political scheming.  We weren’t the members of a GA minority report.  To be honest, it all started with Twitter.  Some of our readers are scoffing laughing at this point.  But its the truth.  Over the past year or so, the five us found ourselves discussing—140 characters at a time—the health and future of the denomination we love—The Presbyterian Church in America.

But 140 characters were not enough.  Nor did we think the five of us were the only ones thoughtfully discussing the character of the PCA.  So we decided to do what most guys in their 20’s and 30’s would do at this point—start a blog.

Our hope is to discuss how we can best extend Jesus’s Kingdom by serving the denomination to which we’ve been called. We want that discussion to be honoring to our Lord, confessionally orthodox, and aggressively charitable.  This blog is not reactionary.  We have no agenda to push or corrective to apply.  This blog is birthed out of our joy for Jesus and his bride the church and not out of a disgruntled or embittered spirit.

In the end our first audience is our Savior.  Our second audience is one another as authors.  And finally, if we can be used of to serve pastors as individuals or our denomination as a whole we would consider ourselves blessed beyond measure.

For more about individual authors or specifics on commenting take a look at our About page.

Thanks for stopping by.

The authors of Vintage73