I have recently heard a small rumbling in certain corners of the PCA which seem to be suggesting that the environment in the PCA today is very similar to the environment in the PCUS which made a split necessary, but is that really a fair comparison? To get our bearings let’s consider a few questions about the state of the PCA:

  • Has any presbytery in the PCA received a man as a minister who denied the virgin birth of Christ, his bodily resurrection and his second coming? Have they ever received someone who denied even one of those items?
  • Has any presbytery ordained a person who clearly taught universalism?
  • Has Byfaith ever promoted the use of illegal drugs? Have we recently seen them publish articles encouraging teens to experiment sexually?
  • Has any church in the PCA even invited its members to grab some food from the fridge and partake of communion while watching on their TV or computer?
  • Has any professor from Covenant College or Seminary recently declared “God is dead, but don’t worry the Virgin is pregnant again?”
  • Has Mission to North America recently set aside $50,000 for Abortions?
  • Has any recent assembly encouraged abortion for any reason?

The answer to all of these questions is “no.” Yet this was the state of things in the PCUS during the 60’s and 70’s.

To those who might think that the PCA is bad enough to leave let me make an earnest plea:

Please consider the ramifications of such mumbling. It was right for the PCA to remove the parentheses about leaving NAPARC because when you whisper such things they hurt other parts of the church and the witness of the church as a whole.
Secondly, if you are considering creating a new denomination take a moment to think about what the two denominations would look like— one consisting mainly of the more conservative side of the PCA and the other mainly of the more progressive side—both churches would be weaker without the other.

If you are still considering leaving the PCA, let me humbly ask that you leave with full integrity. Please don’t allude to problems that are not there. There are sometimes when people decide there are enough differences to form two separate groups. I hope no split ever occurs, but if it does…why don’t we try to create a situation where we still honor and respect each other even if someone decides to leave.