I was pleased to see our own prodigious church planter Sam Desocio write a little something about being ecumenical over at his blog.

He summarizes the problem,

Add to this the postmodern view of personal truth and we seem to have come upon quite a challenge for the people of God.  On a continental level this leaves us glad-handing with other Christians, while crossing our fingers as they speak about unity. On a local level it leaves many Christians one or two topics away from yet again moving churches.

People talk about the American church, but at what point do we reach a critical turn where the universal nature of the church is so neglected that it becomes almost impossible to interact with any group larger than a few dozen. Is Protestant ecumenism little more than the admittance that other traditions might be part of the True Church?

This is a topic that every minister has to address.  So I’m curious what you, our Vintage 73 readers, have done to foster ecumenical relationships in your towns and cities.

  1. Are you a part of a minister’s association?  Why or why not?
  2. With whom would you do a pulpit swap?
  3. Do you participate in community wide “religious” services or events?
  4. Are there any cross-denominational friendships that you prize?