Some people might have noticed the disappearance of an article entitled “We Should All Be Embarrassed by”. Well, I pulled the article until I could sit down with Rev. Robertson and get the full scoop on (That post is back up with a few updates.)

While in Louisville, Rae and I got to sit down with John Robertson and Dave Silvernail, the vice-chair of the Admin. Committee. They told us that a brand new is in the works, as well as a new Administrative Committee site. Robertson made it clear that they’ve known for quite some time that these sites needed an overhaul, but that an economic climate that caused salary cuts within the Administrative Committee, made it difficult to justify the expense of the new sites.

A private donor (whom I would kiss, if I knew them) came forward and gave the Administrative Committee funds for the specific purpose of technology upgrades. They also informed us that the purported 40K price tag was not true.

The new will include more information from each of the permanent committees, which will mean that, when launched, the new will be more than just a landing page  and will act as a unified front door to the denominational ministries.

We didn’t get any more info about the General Assembly pages, but since they are hosted by the AC, and the new will be built with WordPress we can hope that next year’s Assembly website will finally be able to escape the Geocities era.