I could celebrate the fact that a south-born Church has repented of racial sin, and taken steps to walk in repentance. I could celebrate our pursuit of God’s truth in our study of Gender roles in the Church. Both of which cause me to rejoice.

But I want to celebrate something less structural but just as significant:

Thursday evening, when the Assembly recessed for dinner, a few friends and I found ourselves having dinner in a beautiful southern courtyard. This wasn’t in a “pub”, or a “gastro-libations house”, It was a plain speaking bar and restaurant a few blocks away from the convention center.
The food was great, the services was great, but then it got exponentially better. By the end of dinner we found ourselves in the midst of a friendly, yet surprisingly intense game of trivia.

Between rounds, as people stretched their legs and bummed cigarettes from rivals, a woman asked me a question:
“Are you with the Presbyterians?”
Skittishly I told her I was, and she began to share. She was a student who worked at multiples bars and restaurants in downtown Mobile.
It turns out that the service industry around the convention center isn’t very big, and everyone knows each other. They knew we were in town and they were talking about us. She shared that the overwhelming chatter of the service industry was that the #PCAGA had been great to them. We had been polite, patient, generous and fun to serve.
Her simple question had morphed into an exchange between representatives speaking for two different tribes, though both focused on service.
She emphatically thanked me on behalf of everyone at our convention, and asked me to share her thanks with others.
This post is my attempt at honoring her request.

I praise God for the work accomplished on the Assembly floor, but I’m just as thankful for our witness outside of the convention center.

I have no idea if the World is watching our assembly debates, but I know that men and women working around Mobile noticed us, and I’m proud of the fact that the PCA loved them well.

p.s. Trivia is the most amazing antidote for the boredom of floor debate.

p.p.s. Just because you’ve got 6 master’s degrees sitting at a table doesn’t mean you’ll win Trivia night at the Blind Mule.