Author: Bobby Griffith

Can We Say We’re Connectional?

One of the things I treasure about biblical Presbyterianism is connectedness. When I was a young boy, growing up in an independent Baptist context, I remember being chided when I asked why we didn’t have elders and why we were not “connected” though the New Testament indicates that churches were elder led and connected. Flash forward about twenty-five years. I am a pastor in a Presbyterian denomination, the PCA. I love it. Seriously, I do! I am Presbyterian because I believe it is the biblical form of church government. We have elder-led congregations and our churches are connected via Presbytery, General Assembly, etc…basically a contextualized Acts 15. (Though when I was Baptist it was called “the first missions conference.”) Here’s one concern I do have, though. How can we in the PCA claim to be a connected group if we do not support our denomination? I sometimes feel like I experience this first-hand as a soon-to-be church planter, in a way, as I strive to make a case for supporting biblical Presbyterianism in a state where the PCA is nonexistent. I need other churches to support what we want to do in Oklahoma which takes a connectional group! Beyond that, I wonder if we could *do* more if more churches supported our committees, not simply just church plants, but supporting their Presbytery, etc?  I wonder how we could realize...

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The PCA and America’s Changing Demography

2042 is the year many project the United States not to be an all-white majority. While I am unsure of the demographic makeup of the PCA, I have been to enough Presbytery meetings, General Assembly and numerous PCA churches across the country to know that we are out of sync with America’s 2010 demography.  I understand there are numerous historical and cultural reasons for this, but when I think of 2042 I wonder what we can do from this point forward. The PCA’s strongest point is our commitment to Scripture.  In a conversation I recently had with a campus minister, he related to me his joy that so many college students are gravitating toward Presbyterianism because “you guys teach the Bible and are solid.” That is the highest compliment anyone could pay to a pastor. Seriously.  But then there is the 2042 question, the millennial generation question, and the numerous accompanying issues. In fact, a recent Pew report shows that the racial makeup of the United States is shifting rapidly. For those who are 29 years old and younger, 61% are white, 14% black, 19% Hispanic and 5% Asian. For those 30 years and older, we are 70% white, 11% black, 13% Hispanic and 5% Asian. Pew also notes that those who are 29 years and younger do not understand mutliculturalism in the way that we who are older...

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