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Resolution 2 – Regarding Fellowship Among Elders

The following is an overture from to the 39th General Assembly*: OVERTURE V73-2 from “Regarding Fellowship Among Elders” Whereas, we have not seen many of our favorite pastor friends in a very long time. Whereas, Jesus encourages us in John 13:34-35 that the world will know we are Christians by our public love for one another. Whereas, Jesus inaugurated his first public miracle by providing wine at a party. Whereas, Acts 15 encourages us to pursue the bonds of brotherly love as elders in Jesus’s church. Whereas, so much of ministry is discouraging, disheartening, and lonely. Whereas,...

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7 Things We Learned from the AC Funding Fracas

The Administrative Committee funding proposal that last year’s General Assembly sent to the presbyteries for approval has officially failed.  What has it taught us?  A ton?  Not much?  Here are a few suggestions: We want to fund the AC. Throughout all the AC funding fracas no one lobbied to detonate the AC.  Maybe there is someone, but thankfully their blog doesn’t have enough readership to count.  AC, I hope this encourages you.  Our vine is large and a hefty trellis is necessary.  Hopefully we’ll figure out some harmonious way to get money from our local church coffers to the...

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10 Reasons I’m PCA and in the Acts 29 Network

The participation of PCA elders in para-church organizations is nothing new.  One might even argue that the PCA was founded by para-church organizations.  In the panoply of Reformed organizations like these, The Acts 29 Church Planting Network is a newcomer.  Some folks in the PCA connect Acts 29 exclusively with Mark Driscoll.  Others view the organization as a faddish movement of hipster Christians who self-label themselves as young, restless, and Reformed. After a year and half of studying the organization I saw a much different picture.  I saw an organization dedicated to church planting that I wanted to be a part of.  In August of this year I became a member of the network.  Here are 10 reasons that contributed to that decision. A good para-church organization is a good thing. Para-church ministries are of tremendous benefit to the church.  They come alongside local churches to help them plant new churches, reach the lost, and grow healthier.  There are so many solid ministries that I have a hard time deciding which to invest in—ACE, CBMW, Ligonier, Desiring God, A29, TGC, T4G, CCEF.  Acts 29 fits the bill for a well run, targeted para-church ministry, designed to be an encouragement to existing churches and church plants. We need (and I need) Reformed fellowship across denominational bounds. Whatever you think about the young, restless, reformed crowd or the new Calvinism you...

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Full of Sound and Fury

I really don’t want to think about it anymore.  At least that is what I thought to myself when I received a late Friday email.  The subject line read, PCA Vote on BCO 14 something or other.  And as everyone knows, late Friday afternoon emails really shouldn’t be read late Friday afternoon for fear of spoiling the weekend.  So I saved it until Monday as to potentially ruin my upcoming week instead. Monday came as it always does.  I opened the email and read 13 reasons why I should vote against the amendment when it came time to do said voting in my presbytery. Now I’m Presbyterian and so by nature pugilistic.  Usually I want to either fight for an amendment or fight against an amendment.  Either way—damn the guns—I’m going to be fighting something and somebody.  But for some reason I’m not feeling especially pugilistic this go around. The AC says they need me to pay the money that I have paid and plan always to pay.  Seems like a pretty easy request.  So why all the hubbub?  I know, I know the constitution is at stake and the whole of the PCA too if we don’t do something about it. Honestly I don’t see it. There are fights that are worth my time and worth my blood.  I’m finding it difficult to justify either for this fight. ...

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3 Reasons You Should Like the SP Before you Read It

This post is part of a series of discussions on Vintage73 focusing on the PCA’s proposed strategic plan. We’ll provide both pro and con positions on different aspects of the plan. To benefit most from these posts we suggest you read the plan itself first. We’re thankful to the Cooperative Ministries Committee (CMC) for their hard work in creating this proposal and pray that our efforts here will help sharpen their work as iron sharpens iron. On the List I’ve been attending presbytery meetings for 7 years.  Over those 7 years that span two presbyteries I’ve developed an unofficial list of elder’s names.  I call it my list of grumpy presbyters. Admittance to the list is somewhat difficult.  My list excuses momentary lapses of judgment that may lead a normal elder to pugnacity over the trivial.  After all, everyone has a bad day.  But once you’ve displayed a habitual knack for the kind of contentious remark that sends your fellow elders to deep sighs and docket doodling, well then, you’re on the list to stay. My list is compiled in good fun, self serving, and completely subjective — which led to my complete surprise when I found my own name on it. The circumstances?  I read the Strategic Plan for the first time. There I was with highlighter in hand.  I dissected every statement, looking for a hidden agenda.  ...

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