Author: Joe Holland

The Overture that was My Fault

Our Love-Hate Relationship with Overtures Overtures to General Assembly are a messy business.  They can polarize the entire assembly months before we meet.  They can leave presbyters scratching their heads, asking, “Is this really necessary?”  They can show our denomination issues we didn’t know we had.  And they can be incredibly helpful ideas, clarifying how we relate to one another in our graded courts.  Whatever the outcome, when an overture is our fault we should admit blame where blame is due. Overture 11 was my fault. The overture in summary is to amend BCO 5-3 to allow latitude in the oversight of mission churches (church plants). This is the recommended change: 5-3. The mission church, because of its transitional condition, requires a temporary system of government. Depending on the circumstances and at its own discretion, Presbytery may provide for such government in one of several or more of the following ways: Appoint an evangelist as prescribed in BCO 8-6. Cooperate with the Session of a particular church in arranging a mother-daughter relationship with a mission church. The Session may then serve as the temporary governing body of the mission church. Appoint a commission to serve as a temporary Session of the mission church. So how is all this my fault? The Background When the work was begun to plant a church in Culpeper, VA, the Blue Ridge Presbytery established...

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Why I Might Make It

I’ve been a church planter for 11 months…and I’m still alive.  Second only to the holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing of King Jesus, I attribute this astounding fact to one thing—my coaches. I have four of them.  I know, it sounds like a crowd.  But it really isn’t.  I knew going into this that I would need men around me to speak truth into my life.  I knew I’d need men who were willing to offend me for the sake of my soul, my family, and my church.  And I knew these kind of men shared one thing in common—they were busy. Their work load posed two problems.  First, I would have to convince them that adding my church planting plight to their growing ministry burden was actually worth it.  Second I had to make it easy for them to mentor me. To solve my first problem I decided on a schedule that required no more than 1 or 2 hours a month from them, sometimes less.  I asked the chairman of my temporary committee—Don Ward—to talk to me twice a month, every first and third week.  The other three men—Ed Dunnington, Mike Sharrett, and Jason Roberts—I scheduled on off weeks from Don.  The result is that I get an hour on the phone with an experienced church planter at least once a week. That schedule solved...

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Why Another Blog?

If Solomon were alive today he might edit Ecclesiastes 12:12 to read, “my son, beware of anything beyond these.  Of the making of many blogs there is no end.”  A few years ago the question was, “Why should I blog?”  The question now is, “Why shouldn’t I blog?”  That subtle shift has taught the blogging community a number of things, the chief of which is: there are well written, profitable blogs and then there are just blogs. We, as authors, realize this.  We wanted our first post to be a brief explanation of how and why Vintage73 came about. There were no committees called.  We didn’t form clandestine caucuses of religio-political scheming.  We weren’t the members of a GA minority report.  To be honest, it all started with Twitter.  Some of our readers are scoffing laughing at this point.  But its the truth.  Over the past year or so, the five us found ourselves discussing—140 characters at a time—the health and future of the denomination we love—The Presbyterian Church in America. But 140 characters were not enough.  Nor did we think the five of us were the only ones thoughtfully discussing the character of the PCA.  So we decided to do what most guys in their 20’s and 30’s would do at this point—start a blog. Our hope is to discuss how we can best extend Jesus’s Kingdom by serving the denomination to...

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Vintage73 is a collaborative blog focusing on the culture and values of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The site was born out of a desire for honest and charitable discussion within and about the PCA.

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