Author: Justin Woodall

What the PCA Could Learn from James K.A. Smith

The PCA is filled with Godly men, influencing the church and culture around us. The legacy left to us by men like Francis Schaeffer and C. Edward Koop, and continued on in projects like the Chalmers Center are some of the strengths of the PCA. Yet we are not perfect and have a lot that we can learn from men outside our specific tradition. We too need the larger body of Christ. One such man who has been shaping the thinking of many of us here at Vintage ’73 is James K.A. Smith. James K.A. Smith is a professor...

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Mandatory Reporting, Cooperation, and the Confessions

The hot topic at last month’s General Assembly of the PCA was the personal resolution on Child Sex Abuse offered by Pastor Mike Sloan. Bobby wrote extensively and clearly about the details of the argument and the rise and ultimate recommittal of that resolution. In the comments on Bobby’s article, and in the debate of the Overtures Committee, two issues with the resolution have appeared. Without question, none of those who argue against the resolution do so in support of abuse. They are men who want to do what is best for the Church and the children in their...

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A Preview of the 2013 General Assembly of the PCA

As pastors, it is always difficult to balance the demands of local church ministry and thoughtful participation in our polity. When there are folks in need around us at our churches and the needs of the assembly are a far way off, it is tough to keep up. I confess that last year a couple of the overtures caught me off guard. This year as a matter of my own preparation and as a possible help to others I have put together a list of things that might be a big deal when the GA convenes in two weeks in Greenville, SC. Insider Movements: In 2011, at the 39th General Assembly in Virginia Beach, some folks began to raise questions about the “Insider Movement(s)” and their effects on Bible translation. In particular, there was some concern about Wycliffe Bible Translators. The Assembly decided to appoint a study committee to work on the issue and report back. Their report was broken into two pieces, presented over two years. This year is the second part of the report and includes a minority report from one of the committee members. The Ad Interim Study committee has done great work, and Wycliffe has already began to reconsider their position. There is also a minority report to supplement the main report. Overtures: This year’s slate of overtures is not very long, but there are...

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