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Happy Church Planting Day – 6 Protestant Lessons from a Catholic Saint

I have never had a shamrock shake from McDonalds.  I have never drank a single pint of green beer.  And I do not observe any Saints days.  But I do love St Patrick’s Day!   I love it because I am a church planter.  And Patrick is perhaps the greatest of our tribe since the apostolic age ended.  His record of church planted has never been equaled.  His life is an inspiration to many even a thousand years after his death.  What he accomplished for God is remarkable. And if you care about planting churches, you should love St Patrick’s day as well! Here are a few of the many lessons we can learn from his life. 1. God most often calls us to minister among people that you know  Patrick knew the Irish.  he lived as a slave amongst them for many years prior to his escape.  His calling was based on his knowledge of these people.  Their needs, weaknesses, virtues, culture, language were already known to him.  And out of this knowledge came his passionate desire to share Christ with these people.  Some people do receive  Macedonian calls.  And the Holy Spirit has transported one man into the desert to share Christ with someone.  But these are for the most part the exception. So while God may call you to move to another country for his work it...

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Why A BCO Exam is Important

It is fairly common to hear men disparage the BCO exam.  Some people think that it is the least important of the exams for Licensure and Ordination.  None of the critics (that I have heard) doubt the value of the BCO itself; the exam itself is the object of criticism. The thinking seems to go like this, “I have the binder/app and I can look anything up in a few minutes, why do I need to learn its content for an exam?”  And lest you think that this is just the attitude of a handful of seminarians, I have...

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The PCA Big Tent: Part Deux

It seems that my little ol’ article about Dr. Gleason’s great big article stirred up a few emotions.  For a few minutes last weekend, the tubes of the interweb that serve the PCA world were positively clogged with the debris from our little dust-up. If your attempt to download Game of Thrones was slowed down by the dust in those tubes, I sincerely apologize.  Really, I mean that. For the rest of you, I would like to offer an explanation: Whenever you find yourself disagreeing with another person, you have a number of choices.  The first choice is “Do I...

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Beyond Contemporary Making Worship Accessible

Some pastors and elders in PCA churches seem to be adopting a style of worship that is called “contemporary”. The instinct behind this is, I think, good. They are attempting to reach the communities God has called them to serve, in a way that is understandable to those that they are called to reach. Some other pastors and elders are opposed to this trend, seeing it as a slippage in standards of worship.  The instinct behind this criticism is also good. They are trying to maintain a respect for our confessional tradition, in a day when respect for any tradition seems lacking. I...

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