Author: Sam DeSocio

A Year Ago Wes White Called Me…

It was a winter afternoon. I was working in my office, and the phone rang. I didn’t know immediately who could be calling me from South Dakota, but my phone service automatically screened the call. I heard the caller record his name, “Wes White.” I paused… I tried to recall the last controversial thing I had said online. I thought, “well now you’ve done it, you’ve got yourself in the crosshairs of the TR blogosphere.” For some reason I took the call (of course it wasn’t just some reason, it was the Spirit nudging me toward Christ). I greeted...

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So You Don’t Want a PCA Split?

At least my doomsday post got people talking. It turns out most of you don’t want a PCA split. It also turns out that my wife’s greatest fears have come true, I’m reviled the interweb over. To many of the responses the question needs to be asked: what are you willing to do to see the PCA stay together? I’m not talking about what parts of the confessions are you willing to throw out. I’m asking you: what are you willing to fight for in our current denomination, and what are you will to let go of? Are you...

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Could A Split Be Good for the PCA?

Could a split the best thing for the PCA? I know this is a question that won’t get me elected moderator, but maybe it’s one that more leaders in the PCA should be considering. While immediately many people will begin rummaging for reasons why the answer to my question is, “no”, let me do three things. First let me suggest what kind of partitioning I have in mind. Second, let us look at some of the problems that we have in our current form. Finally we can consider some of the benefits of an intentional split. What kind of...

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