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Indelible Grace Headed into the Studio

Kevin Twit, RUF Pastor at Belmont University and founder of the group Indelible Grace, has just announced plans to make their first recording in three years. From their press release: Indelible Grace is making a new CD this summer!  We are going into the studio this summer to make “Indelible Grace VI”, a new collection of old hymn texts set to new music.  This will be our first studio project since 2009 and we can’t wait to share these new hymns with the church.  We are using kickstarter to help cover some of the costs for the new project (which will have a total budget of over $20,000.)  All of our backers will receive exclusive video updates from the studio and sneak peeks as we work on the project.  AND, as a special incentive for our supporters, once our project reaches the “fully-funded” level ($12,000) we will make our live album (“The Hymn Sing: Live In Nashville”) available for free download for one week.  We are so excited about the music for this new project!  So please take a look at the rewards, spread the word, and become a backer. Indelible Grace’s influence within the PCA and outside the PCA has meant that while more people might recognize the name Tim Keller, Kevin and his students are touching the lives of more Christians than anyone else in the PCA. To help support...

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Come On In the Water’s Fine – The Appeal of Swimming the Tiber

Regardless of reports to the contrary, the Presbyterian Church in America is not a very large denomination. In fact, we are small enough for news to travel fast when one of our rank seems to be approaching the banks of the Tiber (the Italian river which borders the city of Rome). The news of Jason Stellman’s departure from the PCA and presumed entrance into the Roman Catholic Church has travelled fast and caused great alarm. So how do we process such a move? Does frustration with American Evangelicalism necessitate a swim across the Tiber? I want to look at...

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We Should All Be Embarrassed by (Update)

 Update:We are happy to report that the Admin. Committee is working on a new site this summer. As I begin, let me be clear: the following article is about me being angry, and I’m not simply trying to poke fun. I’m trying help my brothers in the PCA realize how truly embarrassing our current online presence really is. Last night while I was perusing some church news site, I came across some of the info regarding the Free Church of Scotland’s General Assembly. Curious about the going ons, I went over to their site. When I clicked on their Assembly page,, I was impressed with what I saw. A website with a purposeful organization, and a clean and simple interface that made browsing the site quite pleasant.     Then I thought about the PCA’s GA website… you know the one that seems like it was ripped from a geocities account in 1998. The one that actually makes the rest of the PCA’s web presence, look like a million bucks. As someone with a web background, going to that site is painful. I’ve stood atop this soap box before, but the PCA must do a better job with online communications. We live in a world where less and less is being mailed to us, and more and more information is found online. This means that we need to take...

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