The PCA – Telling Secrets
and Picking Teams

Back in October I was nominated as the new Coordinator for Reformed University Ministries. Next week the PCA General Assembly votes to confirm or otherwise. The exigencies of a PCA Committee report don’t always lend themselves to full and thorough communication. So let me say something here. I’ll start with a PCA joke. The corpus of PCA humor is not large. As far as I know it has only one entry. I’ve told this one a hundred times. You’ve probably heard it. Question: What is a secret in the PCA? Answer: You tell one person at a time. Soon after I was nominated as RUM Coordinator a man who is sort of a somebody in the PCA approached a friend of mine and asked, “Is Tom Cannon a team player?” I’m pretty sure he didn’t want that getting back to me but, one person at a time, it did. When it did, I was emphatically not bothered at all he asked it. Nor did I take umbrage he didn’t ask me the question. I don’t know this man very well and he was doing his due diligence to figure out who I am. But it did get me thinking about how I would answer the question. Am I a team player? That, of course, depends on what team you’re talking about. So let me tell you at least one...

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