While the Internet has made it far easier to write and distribute, it can still be a challenge to maintain a writing presence online. Often leaders in the church see the strategic importance of writing but find it difficult to commit time to taking on an entire project alone. If you are in this situation you might consider contributing to Vintage 73.

Vintage 73 has been for over a year now, and we have had some great articles posted and some great discussion started. As our name suggests, our hope is to foster the same kind of generous discussions that were happening in the PCA* at its formation back in 1973. Over the last six months the contributors have discussed among  ourselves a desire to include more writers who share our desire to see writing with Faith, Truth and Charity.

If you know know of someone who you’d like to see write at Vintage 73, or if you want to write at Vintage 73 please fill out the form below.

*Currently we are limiting general contributions to members of the Presbyterian Church in America